Our story:
Creating connected and impactfull brand spaces

We are Tchai

We connect as your full service partner in retail, hospitality and beyond since 1961. We conceptualize, design and produce brand activations in retail stores. From flagship, brand- concept- and pop-up stores to brand spaces, product presentations, displays and other retail and hospitality experiences that create genuine connections between brands and visitors and drive revenue.

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Our Purpose

It is our purpose to make the world a better place by building brand spaces with a positive impact on people and planet. We make this happen by forming genuine connections with audiences, creating a ripple-effect that inspires others to strive for a better world as well. We call this the Tchi of Tchai, our positive life force energy that drives our people, the way we work and our designs as a creative source for the better.

Our Mission


By 2030, inspire all 100% of the brands we work with to have a positive impact on both people and planet through the brand spaces we design and create.

Guide brands to their own Tchi, their positive force, which we then actively express in vibrant retail, brand, and hospitality designs.

Establish a genuine connection between consumers, brands and their products, resulting in more sustainable choices and engagement with the good in these goods.

Our Vision

Every day, billions of people engage with thousands of brands in the world of retail. These people want to feel truly connected everywhere they go. In our vision, communities are becoming hubs, full of warmth and excitement, and a brand needs to reflect that. We need to engage to connect. We make this genuine connection happen through both fine-looking and practical designs, and impactful creations that vibe with consumers in meaningful ways.

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The Tchai Genesis: Origins Unveiled

Tchai is a third-generation family-owned business founded in the Netherlands in 1961. We’ve grown from a manufacturer of product displays and fixtures to an organisation that creates genuine connections in retail and hospitality. We’ve evolved from a traditionally run company to an organisation that’s passionately cultivating its philosophy of maximizing the personal potential of our team, clients and suppliers. What has always defined Tchai is the energy we put into every project we’re a part of. The relentless drive, the commitment, the inspiration. We call it Tchi. Always curious about the future of retail and ready to help create it, we’re on a mission to unleash the energy of brands in order to build truly connective retail experiences.

Collaboration inspires innovation

Collaborating with strategic partnerships is integral to our vision, as we believe that combining forces not only strengthens our capabilities but also fosters innovation. Together, we are empowered to explore new frontiers and achieve collective success.