From Container to Clubhouse: Crafting Spaces of Joy for Refugee Communities

Yes! We are honored to contribute to the essence of KLABU, the driving force behind this humanitarian brand. Collaborating with the MVRDV architectural firm and KLABU, we are optimizing the design, creation, and production of clubhouses for refugee camps.

KLABU sports clubs offer refugees access to essential amenities such as sports equipment, solar power, connectivity/Wi-Fi, television, a learning environment, lighting, and music. In camps where there is little to nothing, these clubhouses provide safe havens where children, teenagers, and families can find relief and joy through sports. To date, 6 clubhouses have been established worldwide, with the goal of realizing 10 more within the upcoming 3 years.

All-in-One Container Solution

The clubhouse is housed within a container, serving as its base, which must fulfill various needs, functionalities, and standards. The container is transported by sea and must be efficiently utilized for both sea and land transport, storage of additional materials and equipment, and ultimately as a clubhouse at its destination.

Working with our Tchai team, we ensure the optimal design of the container, translating MVRDV’s vision into a sustainable and highly functional structure. With attention to technical detail and a focus on high-quality materials and craftsmanship, our approach integrates innovation and expertise, taking the container design to the next level. 

We’ve added a modular framework to the container, enabling faster processing of multiple containers to support more camps. This modular system requires less material, is easily expandable, more durable, and can withstand various environmental conditions. 


At the end of April, the first container will depart for Mauritania, reaching refugee camp M’bera where 84.000 individuals live. Another container will be showcased during World Refugee Week, 17 – 23 June 2024, before being shipped to its destination, which is yet to be determined. 


The first container has just arrived at our factory and is currently undergoing processing. Follow its transformation from sea container to clubhouse on our socials.

Who is KLABU

KLABU, Swahili for ‘club,’ represents a youthful and ambitious social startup and a meaningful initiative. It operates as a purpose brand, utilizing the influence of sports and community to aid refugees worldwide in their pursuit of a better future. But it’s more than just a sports brand; it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a movement that unites athletes worldwide. Whether it’s sports facilities in refugee camps or local sports programs, KLABU brings people together, fosters meaningful connections, and makes a positive impact.