The Branded Office: Where Hospitality Fuels Connection

Unleashing Inspired Vibes in the Workspace

We are living in the age of healing, where the relentless pursuit of self-improvement is transforming into self-transformation. The definition of wellness among consumers is constantly evolving, expanding to encompass areas like sleep and mindfulness, extending beyond fitness and nutrition. Consumers are actively seeking new pathways to enlightenment, and the hospitality industry is embracing this trend. Making wellness integration essential across all brand facets including products, services, experiences, physical spaces and campaigns. The healing benefits of hospitality are more relevant than ever. In fact, in the workplace, hospitality has become a necessity to attract Gen Z employees. 

One of the relaxation spaces designed by Office of Things for Google. (Image credit: J. Arnold, Impart Photography)

The Benefits of Bringing Hospitality into the Work Area

Video conferencing fatigue is a reality. Allowing people time to reset and disconnect in spaces that bring them joy can promote a well-rounded work-life balance. We acknowledge that a workday should no longer revolve solely around hours of productivity, but should instead offer a variety of spaces, programs, and policies that empower employees to nurture their minds and bodies at work. This includes features like respite or meditation rooms, gardens, wellness centers, and other initiatives that enhance worker well-being. Happy, and passionate employees become your most effective brand ambassadors.   

That’s why we initiated our own evolution at Tchai. Not only has our organization transformed, but so has our work environment. It’s a place where you have the freedom to experiment, both in creativity and personal and team development, and to find a good work-life balance. 

Elevating Employee Experience

Although remote work has becomes the standard for numerous organizations, employees are choosing to return to the office, not because of necessity but to preserve their connections with colleagues and the company. To truly motivate staff, workplace hospitality plays a significant role. Office spaces are being transformed to enhance the work experience, drawing inspiration from the hospitality sector and treating employees as valued guests. Thus, a focus on the employee experience is essential, and this hospitality-driven approach requires a threefold solution that considers service, space, and technology: 

Embrace hybrid work: With the rise of hybrid work models, companies are aiming to bring employees back to the office to foster connections, creativity, and a strong organizational culture.  

Rethink workspace dynamics: Creating a versatile workspace that encourages collaboration, rejuvenation, and inspiration, whether in the office or other communal areas, remains essential for maintaining a sense of connection among colleagues.  

Ensure inclusive design: Spaces and experiences must be inclusive, not only meeting design standards but also enhancing comfort, focus, and overall enrichment for all individuals. 

Minor adjustments can also already have a substantial effect, significantly improving employee well-being. For example, establishing a well-lit workspace area with a ‘quiet zone’ policy and greenery to facilitate deep concentration and mental revitalization, or granting access to facilities such a garden of rooftop terrace for team gatherings can be profoundly impactful.

One of five rooms created by Office of Things for Google’s Bay Area offices, known as Amoeba, featuring a mirrored ceiling. (Image credit: Tom Harris).

Branded Offices

We are experts in translating brand stories. We go beyond just applying this in a retail environment. We believe that offices (among others) also play a significant role in conveying the brand essence. If employees do not feel it from within, how can they then convey it to consumers or clients? 

Since the office serves as part of the foundation of a brand’s resonance, we are constantly developing our TCHAI Hub, always keeping our fundamental brand character in mind. Stemming from our Chinese roots, where our vital life force called ‘Tchi’ originates, we have created an atmosphere embodying genuine connection, energy, balance, liberation, comfort, and creativity. 

Our latest addition is our Tchai garden for influential effect. More greenery and nature in outdoor workspaces promote a connection with nature, reduces stress, and improves mood. This also enhances air quality and fosters a sense of calm, potentially increasing productivity and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. 

Last summer we sacrificed, with love, our main parking lot for a lush oasis full of vibrant flowers, plants and trees, amidst workspaces, areas for events, and relaxation. The atmosphere created is conducive to an environment focused on intense concentration and mental rejuvenation.

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Hospitality isn’t just confined to our hub; it’s also woven into the projects we’ve delivered in recent years. Find below a selection from our hospitality projects.

Hospitality Enters the Work Area: O My Bag Office

Amsterdam, NL

For the O My Bag office and hospitality space, we aimed to establish a creative, enjoyable, and motivating work setting that captures the spirit of the O My Bag brand and functions as a natural extension of the store. It was essential for it to seamlessly blend in and be flexible, allowing it to be utilized during product launches or procurement periods.  

Key considerations included the incorporation of various seating areas, an inviting ‘coming home’ atmosphere, the integration of leather and vibrant colors, and an employee experience centered around the craftsmanship of our products.

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Klabu Store & Clubhouse

Amsterdam NL

The KLABU humanitarian brand’s Clubhouse in Amsterdam functions as a versatile space, encouraging connections within the diverse Amsterdam community, encompassing locals as well as newcomers, including refugees, asylum seekers, and undocumented individuals. It serves as an office, central gathering spot and commercial store, featuring KLABU’s dynamic sport collections that contribute to refugee projects. The smooth integration of the brand narrative and sport collections in the design fosters a positive, bold, and impactful KLABU experience. What is essential is the warm reception and welcoming atmosphere upon entering the space, ensuring a pleasant and secure environment for all.

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Currently, we are working behind the scenes on exciting hospitality projects in environments that serve different functions. Next year, we will spread these across the world.