Klabu Clubhouse & Store in Amsterdam






Hospitality space

For the humanitarian sports brand KLABU, we provided our full-service approach to realize their clubhouse project in Amsterdam—a multifunctional hospitality space that includes retail, an office, and a gathering place for the community. This community comprises both locals and newcomers, including refugees, asylum seekers, and undocumented migrants. This space also serves as a commercial store where you can purchase KLABU's colorful and impactful sports collections, created to support projects for refugees. KLABU is a purpose-driven brand that leverages the power of sports and community to support refugees around the world in their journey to a better future.

What Makes This Concept Unique

The striking orange container immediately catches your eye upon entering the clubhouse. This eye-catching feature is a recognizable element also found in various refugee camps worldwide. The clubhouse itself is a multifunctional space where all aspects of its design are tied to the brand's narrative. In close collaboration with Kelvin Govey, the creative director and co-founder of KLABU, an unconventional color palette was chosen to symbolize hope, empowerment, and vibrancy. We incorporated the playful and distinctive colors of the clothing design in the store to create an ambiance reminiscent of an actual sports clubhouse. We incorporated the vibrant and eye-catching colors from the clothing design within the store to evoke the feeling of being in a real sports clubhouse. Utilized materials such as mesh and transparent details, drawing inspiration from a football goal. Together this creates a complete experience that seamlessly blends the interior with the collection, making a bold statement.


Equally important is the warm welcome visitors receive when they come to the clubhouse, where several of KLABU's employees are refugees. Visitors are always welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee and connect with one another in a pleasant and secure environment, regardless of whether they are locals or newcomers. Even from a distance, connection is possible. Digital solutions in the store ensure that visitors feel connected to the global community of refugees and supporters, blurring geographical boundaries. Feel free to drop by the clubhouse to meet people, buy a new sports outfit or just have a good time at the Haarlemmerdijk 106 in Amsterdam.

For more information and support, visit klabu.org