The Tale Of The Green Tchi:
Our Sustainability Journey

At Tchai, we believe in the power of forging genuine connections. Our mission goes beyond mere compliance; it's rooted in our conviction that sustainability is the pathway to the future—for our company and humanity. By invoking the Tchi of Tchai, we deploy our unique energy to create spaces that not only bring brands and people together but also promote a sustainable and brighter future. It's not just about meeting standards; it's about following our values to inspire a movement towards a better world, one space at a time.


Tchai is evolving, following in the footsteps of Mother Nature herself.

We believe that sustainability is a continuous journey. In today's world, it's more crucial than ever for businesses to embrace sustainable practices and responsible entrepreneurship. Read more +

Sustainability Policies

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Tchai Product Passport

Starting our sustainability journey, one of our top priorities at Tchai has been to gain an understanding of the impact of our products on the our planet. That’s why we have developed the Tchai product passport. Our passport serves as a comprehensive guide that gives an insight of the environmental performance and impact of a Tchai product, focussing on CO²e, water, design, recycled content, renewability and recyclability.

Tchai uses independent analysis of an indicator, that is based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) principles, which provides a vital framework for our reporting. Using these analyses as the base of future projects, gives us the awareness for instant improvements on sustainability matters during our design and development process. From where to reduce carbon footprint and increase recycled content and recyclability of displays to improvement of packaging and transportation, but also keep or improve functionality, appearance and quality.

We firmly believe that transparency and collaboration are essential drivers of positive change. At Tchai, we see sustainability as a team effort. By sharing the results of our Tchai product passport with both our clients and suppliers, we empower everyone involved to make informed decisions right from the start.

Embracing change under the sun

At Tchai, we prioritize renewable energy, harnessing power from our own solar panels and partnering with energy providers who share our environmental commitment. Currently, we're assessing our emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3 as part of our sustainability goals. Rest assured, we'll share our objectives once they're clearly defined. By comprehensively understanding our environmental impact, we can take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future.

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Klabu builds clubhouses where refugees can find relief, pride, and happiness through sports, regardless of their circumstances. Tchai not only believes in and admires Klabu's work but also shares their unbeatable spirit. This shared commitment has led us to collaborate with them, offering our expertise. Whether it's designing their Amsterdam clubhouse and retail store in one or converting a shipping container into a versatile mobile clubhouse, we take pride in supporting their mission. Currently, the second clubhouse is well underway, reflecting Tchai's dedication to playing our part in Klabu's mission.

Digital Footprint

We recognize the environmental impacts of digital consumption and commit ourselves to integrating sustainability into our online presence. Our goal is to minimize our website's environmental footprint without compromising user experience. That's why our website is designed in dark mode, which not only offers a sleek appearance but also enhances sustainability. A small but significant step towards a greener web experience and reducing our digital footprint. We believe that every click has the potential to shape a more sustainable future, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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